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Hercules: TLJ (and Xena) being Re-released on DVD

This compelling TV series from Executive Producer Sam Raimi (Spider-Man movies) follows the warrior from his humble beginnings as a child born to a beautiful mortal woman and Zeus, king of the gods, to his explosive battles against power-hungry immortals, deceptive demons, massive monsters, and bloodthirsty armies. With special guest appearances by Lucy Lawless (Xena: Warrior Princess), Bruce Campbell (Army of Darkness), Renée O'Connor (Xena: Warrior Princess) and Hollywood legend Anthony Quinn, it's an unforgettable trip into the world of legends with a man who will never rest as long as people need his help.

Previously available as a 2003 Anchor Bay release (now discontinued), this morning Universal Studios Home Entertainment announced they putting out a new DVD set on April 20th of Hercules: The Legendary Journeys - Season 1. You'll get a much slimmer set this time, though, with only 3 single-sided discs in the set for $26.98 SRP (compared to Anchor Bay's original $89.98 SRP price tag for a 7-disc set).

Source: http://www.tvshowsondvd.com/news/Hercules-Legendary-Journeys-Season-1-Rerelease/13200

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    Lucy Lawless was on "The Soup". Remember her? Yeah she was on a few episodes of Herc. I wonder whatever happened to her...

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