Lara (solidfoamsoul) wrote in hercules_tlj,

First post! Isn't it sad?

I know, faithful members, that this community has gone quiet for far too long.

So I just wanna say, thanks, faithful members. Both of you. (Not a joke but a stirring simulation.)

So, this community is for Hercules! The Legendary Journeys!! Anything at all related to the show is accepted. (Xena stuffs included, but ya know it's inevitable.) Icons, fan fic, macros, dicussion, references, mentions, ANYTHING! Heard about Bruce Campbell's new movie? Post it here! Alexandra Tyding's gonna be at a convention?! Let us know! Just figured out Robert Trebor is a palindrome? Tell us!

Meanwhile, please to be enjoying this picture of Iolaus eating a carrot.

Is he being extremely naughty? Or is his little stomach just growling?

Tags: first post, iolaus, pic spam

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    Lucy Lawless was on "The Soup". Remember her? Yeah she was on a few episodes of Herc. I wonder whatever happened to her...

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