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Hey everyone.

Alright, this is how terrible a person I am. Some of you might possibly recognize my name as being listed as the moderator for this community. Until February, I was the only mod. Then solidfoamsoul (who's my best friend in real life) called me one day, asking how she went about making herself a mod to "one of my communities". I guided her through signing into my account and going to the community management panel, because that's not a suspicious request in the least for us. It stands to reason that if I'm the mod (especially the founding mod) of a community, eventually she'll be one as well, because that's just how we roll.

Anyway, that was the last I heard of it.

Until tonight, when I was poking around my communities.

My own community lies completely dead and unused for a year and a half, and then stuff happens, and I don't even notice.

In my defense, in December 2006 I lost my internet, while I was still working on designing the community's layout (and hadn't wanted to open before it was set up), and only *just* regained it about two weeks ago. But still. That's inexcusable.

So... hi. My name is Ali, and I'm a dead-beat mod. ::hanging-head of shame::
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